28 Totally Bizarre Questions Every Mom Has Asked Herself

Jenny Isenman | Aug 1, 2013 Being a Mom

someecards.com - Lately, I've found myself asking my readers rhetorical parenting questions in a not so overt attempt to assuage guilt and make sure I'm not alone. Last week's guilt driven query was: Is it wrong for the "Tooth Fairy" to steal money from one kid to pay the other?

PS: The answer according to my Facebook Fans is a resounding no. Whew. Though I fear that armed with this knowledge, I may be asking them next week if the same goes for paying the pizza delivery guy. Oh well.

That said, I'm guessing there is a slew of questions every mom will ask herself at least once -- here are just a few...

You know you wanna add one ... go for it!

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