Baby Laughs So Hard at Dad's Juggling She Falls Right Over (VIDEO)

baby laughing

A baby's belly laugh is absolutely one of the sweetest sounds there is. That's why you won't be able to resist grinning from ear to ear after seeing this video of a baby laughing at her dad trying to juggle.

Every time he drops the balls, she starts cracking up -- to the point where she laughs so hard, she tips herself right over.

Here's the clip -- it's beyond adorable.


I may live in the Northeast where we don't typically use Southern phrases, but all I want to say after seeing that precious little girl fall over and start to cry is, "Bless her heart!"

What a doll! It was tough to tell whether she scared herself when she fell backwards, which brought her to tears -- or whether she was simply upset that she caused a break in the juggling show. Whatever the case, as soon as daddy's act resumed, she sure was a happy camper.

Sigh. Don't you just love babies? I'm going to be hitting replay on this video all day long.

What makes your baby crack up?


Image via cpoulain/YouTube

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