Big Sister Coats Brother With Diaper Cream -- In All the Wrong Places (VIDEO)

LOG in troubleBefore I had kids, I always assumed that big sisters would be sort of sweet to their little brothers (yes, I am an only child who clearly didn't know any better). Why? I guess I sort of figured that the older girl/younger boy dynamic would sidestep most of the potential jealousy issues -- Hey, that's my sweater!! Stop borrowing my makeup without asking!! -- leaving just a symbiotic, semi-maternal meeting of sibling minds. HAHAHAHAHA!! Years later, joke's on me!! As the mom of a now 12-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy, I've learned how truly, devastatingly wrong I was: Big sisters are devious, sneaky mad scientists of sorts who live to ruthlessly experiment on their gullible, adoring little brothers.


Case in point: This darling duo, consisting of one very mischievous moppet wearing a pair of ambiguous animal ears and one very confused/affable cutie pie covered in a thick layer of generously applied diaper rash cream. You know, the kind of cream designed to be super water-resistant? Which means cleaning this poor kid up was some kind of fun!!!]

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Oh my god. Just watch:


Now, I'm not entirely sure what big sister here is trying to say by way of explanation (something about bacon?!), but that hardly matters. What matters is this little boy is in for a lifetime of messy makeovers ... so it's a good thing he's smiling!

Do you know any big sisters who like to torture their little brothers?

Image via Kiggiewiggie/YouTube

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