Moms & Diapers Have More in Common Than You Think (GRAPHIC)

moms like diapersBeing a new mom pretty much means we get almost no time to ourselves, get used as a puke rag, nurse until our boobs are sore, and still have to have big smiles on our faces. It's a fun time, but it's also a hard time, an overwhelming time, and sometimes even a difficult time.

But we need to find the humor. We need to LOL. We need to remember it's not ALL bad. So, to get you smiling, here is an exclusive pie chart we designed on why moms are very similar ... to diapers. Don't hate. You know it's kinda true. See below:


moms and diapers

TOP image via Inga Munsinger Cotton/Flickr

Graphic help provided by Casey Rackham

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