4 Girly Things My Son Won’t Let Me Enjoy

tiaraI grew up an extremely girly girl -- I was into dolls and tutus and pink and princesses and tea parties and all of that gooey stuff. So naturally, I used to daydream about all the fun I would have someday when I had a daughter. Well, I grew up, and I had a son. And I'm crazy about him -- I'm so glad I have this little boy in my life. He's opened up a whole new world to me.

I'm one and done, and that that's all there is to it. The baby factory is closed. I know not every little boy is the same -- some like the color pink. Not all girls like dolls. So I can only speak for my own experience. But I have to confess, every once in a while I think about what I'm missing out on because I'm raising a little boy.


1. Tea parties. I am DYING to do the Madeline's Tea at the Carlyle Hotel -- it takes place in a room decorated with illustrations by Ludwig Belmans. I was obsessed with Belmans' Madeline books as a little girl. But my son has zero interest in this important ritual. SIGH.

2. Fun with clothes and hair. I know having a girl doesn't guarantee that your child will care about her attire. And a child is not a doll -- I know this. But still, it sounds fun to doll up my kid with froof and ribbons. People, I know how to French braid! So much girly know-how, all going to waste. It seems a shame.

3. 21st-century princess lessons. I prepared myself to give my future daughter all these important lessons about how princesses are fun, but you have to be your own hero, don't wait for someone to rescue you, etc. etc. Well, I guess I could tell my son he doesn't have to rescue anyone. But that's not even remotely on his radar right now. Rescue? Who? Why would I do that?!?

4. The Nutcracker. I just want to sigh dreamily together while we watch the Sugar Plum Fairy twirl around in glitter with that harp trilling. But no. My son will not have it. The last time I dragged him to the Nutcracker (DRAGGED) he fell asleep. Afterwards he complained bitterly about how boring it was. Even the sword fighting wasn't enough to entertain him. Boys!

Do you ever feel like you're missing out because you have all boys or all girls?


Image via Jennifer Donley/Flickr


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