25 Things That Are Horribly UnJust in My Children's Eyes

Having three children who are each less than two years apart in age is always ... interesting. Some days, their slight age difference is a blessing. They can play together, happily watch the same movies, and occasionally even include one another during playdates. Other times? It's pretty hellish. The most difficult part being the constant chorus of "it's not fair" and "she/he got more than me." I remember this fight over fairness from my own childhood, but what I'm experiencing now is simply baffling. Here are 25 of the recent injustices my poor children have been forced to suffer. Do you think they'll survive?


1. Ben got approximately a quarter ounce more ice cream than Lily and Evan did yesterday.

2. Lily doesn't like mocha ice cream, so she had one less flavor to choose from for her sundae. 

3. Lily is the oldest, so she will always have watched two years worth more television than Ben.

4. And Ben will always have watched two years more than Evan.

5. Evan got to open his window slightly more than Ben did during the ride home from the grocery store.

6. Lily has had 19 more sleepovers than Ben, and 35 more than Evan.

7. Evan gets to wear glasses.

8. Evan is the last one in the car, so he has to shut the door.

9. Lily is always the first one in, so she never gets to shut the door.

10. The stuffed animal I brought home for Evan last year was slightly bigger than the ones for Lily and Ben.

Children's complaints11. Evan has to wear hand-me-downs.

12. Ben never gets to wear hand-me-downs.

13. I took more video of Evan when he was a baby than I did of the other two.

14. Benjamin has the most letters in his first name.

15. ... and he comes earliest in the alphabet.

16. Lily got to name the grandparents, and the boys have to stick with her pronunciation.

17. Lily has to walk the dog.

18. We don't trust the boys to walk the dog.

19. Ben gets to take grape-flavored allergy medicine.

20. Evan always gets to sit in the middle row because he gets carsick while the others don't.

21. Lily has to do summer reading. 

22. Ben wakes up first and therefore chooses the first show to watch.

23. Lily has known me the longest.

24. Ben gets an older sibling and a younger one.

25. Evan is the baby.

Please tell me my children aren't the only ones who pull this ... please?!


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