7 Reasons Moms of Today's Teens Have It So Much Better Than Our Parents

teenagersMy cellphone went off the other day right on time. It was my babysitter's mom, checking to see that her new teenage driver had made it to my house in one piece. I scooped it up and texted her back right away -- no sense making her worry any longer than she had to -- and marveled at how much times have changed for parents of teenagers.

When I was a new driver, my parents sent me off with fingers crossed. Cellphones came in giant bags, and they were much too expensive to give to your teenager. As for texting, there was no such thing.

They were worried, just as worried as my babysitter's mom, but they had to just keep on worrying until I got home.


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It can be easy to get into the trap of "OMG, parenting is so hard." It is, I hear you. The number of the things I have to deal with that my parents never even dreamed of keeps on growing.

But a little optimism never hurt anyone, so I'm going to come out and say it ... in a lot of ways, we are a heckuva lot luckier than our parents.

How lucky are today's parents?

Let's just consider all the things they have ... that our parents didn't!

What would you add to this list?


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