6 Surefire Ways to Get Your Kids' Attention (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | Jul 15, 2013 Being a Mom

kidsSometimes I feel like I'm invisible to my children. I repeat myself over and over again all day, competing for their attention with their friends, the TV, books, and just the time they spend staring off into space instead of responding to my questions and requests. They're not disobedient so much (usually) as they are just preoccupied with everything except what I'm saying ... most of the time.

I, however, have found the key to getting their attention in mere seconds, six keys, in fact. They require no bribes, no threats, just these simple actions by you. I can almost guarantee you will have their undying, undivided attention if you try these things -- so much so that you'll be wishing they'd ignore you again.

How do you get your kids' attention?


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  • Try to Pee Alone


    Image via Kim Carpenter/Flickr


    If you really want to get them to come running, try shutting the door all the way, and they'll be banging in an instant.

  • Attempt to Make a Telephone Call


    Image via Alan Wolf/Flickr


    Even if you hide in a closet, they will still be all ears (and mouths) once the phone is anywhere near your ear.

  • Make Yourself a Nice, Hot Cup of Coffee


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    You'll get their attention extra quickly if you actually try to sit down and drink it.

  • Take a Shower


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    Everyone wants to talk when mom finally finds some time to get clean.

  • Have a Conversation With Your Husband


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    Actually, any adult will do. The minute you start a conversation with another human being, they suddenly want to talk your ear off.

  • Sleep


    Whether it's a quick cat nap or you're down for the night, somehow the second your eyes close is the second they need you.

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