Kids Belting Out Queen's 'We Will Rock You' During Bath Time Will Be Great Shower Singers When They're Older (VIDEO)

queen kids bathtubThey say music is the universal language, right? Crossing boundaries of all sorts -- language and culture and age and whatnot? Because while I'm not entirely certain where these two cuties live (the YouTube user name makes me think it might be Iceland, but one never knows), I AM pretty sure these bath time kids haven't been listening to Queen for all that long ... but that doesn't matter, cause they ... will ... ROCK YOU


In the cutest way possible, of course -- cause, let's face it, when are kids in the tub NOT adorable? But what's truly impressive about these little ones is how much fun they're managing to have without rubber duckies, bubbles, plastic cups ... nada. Just a little arena rock is all they need to have a good time. Dang, can you imagine what caliber of shower singers they're gonna be someday? Check this out!

That kid's no joke, right?? I mean, I don't know about you, but I feel ROCKED. 

Do your kids sing in the bath?


Image via Randi og Símun Hansen/YouTube

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