Dad Captures Every Day of His Baby's First Year of Life on 7-Minute Video

baby IndigoThis. Is. Awesome. Forget scrapbooking or taking a gazillion photos of your child. One dad, Sam Christopher Cornwell, went a step further and captured all 365 days of his baby's first year of life on video, which he then made into an amazing seven-minute clip that shows his son right after birth all the way up to his first birthday.

It's appropriately called "A Second a Day From Birth," and OMG -- just wait until you watch it! It's so incredible, not to mention heartwarming, to watch baby Indigo go from newborn to 1-year-old all in the span of a few minutes.


And the end of the video is probably the most moving part of the whole thing. I have to admit -- I got a little choked up at Indigo's parents singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Isn't this great?!? What a cool idea. Darn. Why didn't I think of doing something like that?

While I did take a few videos here and there of my son when he was an infant, I'm embarrassed to say I wasn't as good about it as I should have been. And if not taking enough videos isn't a big enough parenting fail, I also wasn't good about uploading and sharing them with family and friends. I guess life just got in the way or something, and I never quite got around to downloading them off the camera onto my computer where I could've passed them on and enjoyed them for years to come. (Note to self -- dig out the old video camera and get little dude's baby footage off there STAT.)

Well, what are you waiting for? If you haven't already started capturing tons of your baby's everyday moments on video, now is as good a time as any to start. Our kids grow up so fast as it is, but if you're diligent about hitting the record button as often as possible, you'll have the pleasure of reliving those precious first moments over and over again.

How often do you take videos of your baby?


Image via Vimeo

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