Motherhood Means Accepting That Kids Are Just Really Gross

muddy foot
For his mom's sake, I hope this is mud and not dog poo!
I have always had a weak stomach. Even watching my grandmother eat a banana used to turn my stomach. I think that is why I avoided changing diapers until I actually had a child. Despite my history, everyone told me it would all change once I had a kid of my own. That somehow, miraculously, poop and other messes would no longer bother me.  Sure, that was the case the first month, but as soon as it gained a little more substance and became more pungent, I dreaded it. I'm not going to lie, there were times when I retched. Bottom line is kids can be pretty icky at times. Can you relate? Be honest!


For every mom it's different. Skinned knees, boogers, vomit, drool. The list of possible messes is endless. One CafeMom member was totally freaked out by the thready skin hanging from her daughter's gums after she lost a tooth.

I have one mommy friend who dreads dinner time. “It’s so gross,” she always complains about her two kids' eating habits. I realized exactly what she was talking about after sitting across from them during a barbecue. To this day I have no idea how their plates ended up with so much spit and chewed food on it. Ugh.

Sadly, it only gets grosser as they get older. The nose is an endless source of nausea for me. I don't even want to think about what I will find in my son's room once he hits puberty. I guess we easily eeked out moms can find solace in the fact that all parents go through this to some extent.  There is no way to avoid this stuff. You just have to get through it. I hear it’s better once they hit 18. We just have to hold on until then.

What do your kids do that grosses you out?


Image via Lynn B/Flickr

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