6 Crazy Things Toddlers Have Done With Moms' Smartphones (VIDEO)

toddler austin spriteCongratulations Mr. Stoute, you are now the proud owner of an Austin Healy Sprite! That is, your toddler daughter is. Little 14-month-old Sorella Stoute bought a car on eBay using her dad's smartphone. Paul Stoute found out when he checked his email. Apparently he'd left his phone within reach and unlocked. Sorella opened up that eBay app and bid away on exactly the kind of car that would appeal to a toddler -- a broken one. But Paul did the honorable thing and followed through with the purchase. Thankfully, it set him back "only" $225. "I’m just glad she didn’t buy the $38,000 Porsche I was looking at," he said.

He's actually planning to fix the thing up. It'll take a while -- maybe by the time Sorella is sixteen he'll be finished? I'm glad it wasn't any worse -- and that Stoute had a good sense of humor about it. But wow, toddlers can really wreak some havoc with those smartphones and pads, can't they?


1. Racking up gaming fees. Games like Smurfberries have been known to scam players (or their parents, anyway) out of hundreds of dollars. The kids play the games, the games request that the kids "buy" points or equipment or whatever. And then the parents see their bill long after. Infuriating!

2. Running through the sprinklers. A friend of mine became worried when her two-year-old ran through the sprinklers with her smartphone. It would turn on, but it wouldn't swipe. Uh-oh. Smartphones do not make an idea sprinkler buddy.

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3. Toilet dunking. But I guess that's better than the time another friend's toddler dropped her iPhone right into the toilet. Disaster!

4. 1000 photographs. A few moms I know have reported finding mysterious photographs on their phone. What is this exactly? Oh, just an extreme closeup of your toaster, courtesy of the two-year-old.

5. Heavy breather. My son once dialed the last number I'd called and just let the phone run. Person on the other end: "Hello? Hello? Are you all right? Should I call an ambulence?"

Has your toddler ever done anything crazy with your smartphone?


Image via CBS News

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