7 Worst Messes My Kids Have Made

7 worst messes my kids ever madeIf you've got kids, then you know how messy they are. Even the neat ones. 

Wait, are there actually neat kids?

After comparing my kids' messes with a friend of mine, I thought it might be fun to rank order them all.

Now I have four kids under the age of nine, so I'm pretty sure you can imagine how messy my house can get. So without further ado, here are the 7 worst messes my kids have made. Can you relate?


7. The Lego Closet

We use a Swoop Bag for our LEGOs which is a brilliant organizational gadget, except when your kids decide to dump every single tiny LEGO out in their closet. On the bright side, they're contained in a closet, but on the down side, you've got 4517201 LEGOs in your closet.

6. Paper Towel Party

I'm not quite sure exactly what I was doing at the time, but my two middle children decided to unroll about three paper towel rolls and shred them all over my kitchen (see above) I swear I was finding paper towels in all sorts of weird places in my kitchen for days after. And yes, it's worst than LEGOs because you've got piles of paper towels completely USELESS. Argh!

5. It's Raining Styrofoam Peanuts! 

I'd love to personally strangle whoever invented styrofoam peanuts, because I cannot tell you how many times I've had to clean them up off my floor. The winner was when I had an entire near television size box of peanuts in my foyer that the kids had to decided to tear apart and toss in the air like rain.

4. Toilet water puddles

Just a few days ago, my little girls decided to go to the potty together (one on the big toilet, one on the baby potty) and then when they clogged the toilet, they decided to plunge it themselves. And then jump in the water. Gross.

3. Maple syrup spill

I'm not quite sure how my son managed to drop the entire container of maple syrup, but he did, and it broke, thus covering my kitchen floor in a large puddle of maple syrup. I have never cleaned up something so sticky in my life. In fact, I think the spot is still sticky.

2. Inky Naptime

Many years ago when my now 9-year old was just two, we lived with my in-laws and instead of napping, she decided to play with a broken ink pen in her room. I walked in to discover the white carpet, the walls, and her hands and face covered in ink. Hooray for Stainmaster carpets. And paint.

1. Powdery Web

By far, the worst mess was when my two middle children (are you sensing a theme here) got a hold of a container of GoldBond powder and completely covered my entire living room with it. The whole room was WHITE. To make matters worse, they took about four balls of yarn and wrapped them around the furniture, creating a powdery, yarn spiderweb.

Tell me about the worst mess your kids ever made!

Photo via Kristen Chase

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