7 Things I Judge Parents For When They're Vacationing With Their Kids

7 annoying things parents do with their kids on vacationI realize that actually enjoying a family vacation can be a challenge, and so some parents are inclined to do things they wouldn't normally do just to get a moment's peace.

But then I wonder if that's really the case or if they're just that annoying all the time. Thankfully, I only have to deal with those parents and their kids for a short amount of time, because some of the stuff they do, or worse, let their kids do, wow, what a nightmare.


1. Junk food. So I'm all for sweets and treats because hey, it's vacation and all, but when you're giving your kids cokes in the morning and spray cheese for lunch every single day, something is very wrong. How about some fruit and vegetables every now and then?

2. Shopping frenzy. Vacations are expensive enough, so I don't really get the rationale of buying your kids whatever they want in every single store, especially if they are misbehaving or whining. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad except my kids see it happening and then wonder why I'm not dropping hundreds of dollars on them.

3. Waiting in line. My kids love rides like the next kid, but when the lines are long, my husband and I split up or just skip them altogether because it's tough for a kid to stand there for an hour (if not more) in the heat. I never quite understood why people would do that to themselves and their kids. Sorry, no roller coaster or ropes course is worth it.

4. Safety, anyone? I'm always surprised when parents just let their kids roam freely at the pool and the beach, especially when there are no lifeguards. I'm all for letting kids be kids, but when there's water involved, I turn into the helicopter parent for very good reason.

5. Staying up too late. I can't tell you how many times I see kids up waaaaay past a reasonable bedtime. Maybe your kids sleep until 10am if they stay up until midnight (or beyond), but mine certainly don't. And if I'm out on an adults-only date late in the evening, the last thing I want is for kids to be running around me.

6. Ignoring them. I thought the whole idea behind a family vacation was that you spend time with your family, so when I see parents completely ignoring their kids, particularly those who are trying to get their attention (and then annoying the other people around them in the process), I get pretty frustrated.

7. Fighting. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, the poor diet, or the ridiculous amount of booze they're drinking, but I see way too many parents duking it out in public. Seriously people, go somewhere private to have your fights.

What have you seen parents do when they're on vacation with their kids that annoys you?


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