5 Reasons I Send My Kid to Camp During Our Family Vacation

kids campIt seems like it's taken forever to get here, but in a few weeks, we'll finally be taking our annual summer vacation to Maine (not that I'm counting down the days or anything).

And while I really look forward to our trip mainly because I can't wait to spend quality time with my family, I won't lie -- I'm pretty excited about enjoying a little down time and relaxation while my son is at camp. Yes, I said I send my kid to camp on vacation.

In fact, part of the reason I booked us at the resort we're staying at is because they offer a kids' program, something more places should consider adding during the summer months as a means of drawing in loyal guests who can't wait to return year after year. (Just a suggestion.)


Vacation camp is a total win-win for both parents and kids, and there are several reasons I can't imagine not enrolling my son each and every summer.

  1. Moms need a break -- There. I said it. The whole purpose of taking a vacation is to unwind and recharge, which is kind of tough to do while entertaining our little ones every single second. Camp gives moms time to soak up the sun, read a book, go to the spa, or even take a nap -- which makes us even more ready and excited to play with our kids on the trip.
  2. Kids need a break -- Hanging out with adults 24/7 can get pretty boring for kids after a while, so attending camp is a breath of fresh air and allows them to spend some time with people their own age. Camp is such a nice reprieve for them, and it's a lot more fun than sightseeing with mom and dad. (My little dude practically begs me to go. He LOVES it.)
  3. It keeps them in a routine -- If your kiddos are anything like mine, they thrive on having a little bit of structure in their day, even in summer. Even if camp is only for a couple of hours, they know what to expect and stay accustomed to being on some sort of schedule.
  4. Camp is fun and educational -- Most kids' programs go beyond taking the kids swimming or to the playground. They do crafts, sports, go on nature walks, and even learn about the environment wherever you happen to be vacationing. They'll come home with all sorts of new knowledge and have a great time soaking it up too.
  5. New friends and lasting memories -- While attending vacation camp, your children will meet kids from all over the country who they'll never forget, and they'll also create memories they'll carry with them into adulthood. Sending them to camp is basically like giving them the gift of summer experiences they'll cherish forever.

Do you send your kids to camp on vacation? Why or why not?


Image via Mary Fischer

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