11 Times the Morning Rush Turns Mom's Brains to Mush

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If you're like me, most mornings start off in a crazy blur of muddled multitasking and end up with the frustrated, facepalm-inducing realization that only a fraction of those multiple tasks were actually accomplished. Sound familiar? It should -- according to a recent survey, I'm not the only mom who suffers from this daily dearth of brain functionality. Eight out of 10 moms admit they find it nearly impossible to remember everything they have to do every day: 12 major jobs and an average of 26 tasks during the morning hours alone!

Whoa, 26 tasks?! Depending on time of year and/or age/number of children, most moms I know (myself included) have slightly shorter daily a.m. to-do lists, but that doesn't mean we're not tearing our hair out trying to get everything done anyway. Even attempting to accomplish 11 things before leaving the house throws me into a tizzy ... does having to remember these seemingly simple tasks do the same thing to you??

Image via marinakvillatoro/Flickr

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