10 Hot Celebrities Caught Doing the Cute Dad Thing (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | Jul 5, 2013 Being a Mom

I feel like it's a little creepy to single out male celebrities for taking part in an everyday family activity and insinuate that their uber-handsome selves are made even hotter by the fact that they were caught on camera in a perfectly normal dad moment by what was surely in many cases a privacy-invading paparazzo. That sort of thing is very "Stars: They're Just Like Us," isn't it? It's cheesy and it's intrusive and it's probably pandering to the increasingly icky celebrity-worship culture we've got going on these days.

That said, I'm totally doing it anyway. What the hell, sometimes it's just good harmless fun to check out a sexy A-lister doing adorable dad stuff. For your Friday viewing pleasure, check out these 10 celebrity dads looking smoking-hot while hanging out with their kiddos.

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