6 Most Ridiculous Tweets From Famous Babies on Twitter

Jeanne Sager | Jul 1, 2013 Being a Mom
6 Most Ridiculous Tweets From Famous Babies on Twitter

baby on twitterRemember when the most annoying mom you knew was the one who talked for her baby? Now she's the mom who tweets for her baby! Yes, the babies of moms like Melissa Joan Hart may not be old enough to tie their own shoes (or even need to wear shoes), but they can have their own Twitter accounts.

Hart, who gave birth to son Tucker nine months ago, just added "his" thoughts to the babble on the web, but she's hardly the first. Tori Spelling's son got his own Twitter stream at 3. And "regular" parents can sign up their baby for a Kickbee account that literally allows them to send messages from inside the womb.

In a world where 92 percent of American children under 2 have some kind of online presence (from the simple sonogram photo to an actual Facebook page), I suppose we should expect nothing less.

But does the fact that it's happening so frequently make the tweeting baby trend any less ridiculous? Here. You be the judge.

Take a look at this collection of tweets made "by babies," and you tell us ... is this simply ridiculous or all in good fun?


Image via lragerich/Flickr

  • #PoopRocks


    Image via Twitter

    Melissa Joan Hart's 9-month-old son Tucker says #pooprocks. Not so sure we agree.

  • Give Me Stuff, NOW


    Image via Twitter

    Actress Autumn Reeser's son Finn started tweeting when he was still in the womb. No wonder he's so impatient.

  • Happy Daddy Day


    Image via Twitter

    Teen Mom star Gary Shirley hasn't used daughter Leah's Twitter account much after getting heavy criticism for creating it, but he did make sure he, uh, she wished him a Happy Father's Day this year.

  • Just Met the E*Trade Baby


    Image via Twitter

    CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell messed with the space time continuum a bit when he started a Twitter account for brand new daughter Harper, tweeted as her, then logged into HIS account to RT her AND add an EXTRA brag on top of it. If it takes this much work, it's probably not worth it, Dad.

  • See You in October


    Image via Twitter

    Lance Armstrong created a Twitter account for daughter Olivia (at that point just named Cinco Armstrong) to announce his impending new fatherhood to his fans. It was cute ... if only he'd stopped right then and there ...

  • Just Flushed a Sock


    Image via Twitter

    Ryan Grim of The Huffington Post has managed to cross over to camp with his, er, his daughter Iris' tweets. His, I mean, her Twitter is one worth following for important questions asked by every little one (or so we'd imagine).

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