Cat Snuggles With Tiny Baby & Will Not Let Go (VIDEO)

cat cuddling babyWhoa! I've heard of family pets being protective of the kiddos in their household, but after seeing this ridiculously adorable video of a cat snuggling a baby -- it's obvious that puppy love includes animals of the feline variety too.

I mean, if I didn't know any better, I'd think this particular kitty believes the baby belongs to her, or that the child is actually another cat, or something. Whatever the case, this is true love in its sweetest and purest form.

Take a look.


Ahhhh! Are you dying over the cuteness? Have you ever seen a pet, let alone a cat, be this affectionate with a child? Usually animals don't get too terribly close out of fear of having their ears or tails pulled -- but this little kitty obviously knows this baby is totally harmless (even though the kid grabbed her nose at one point) and extremely cuddle-worthy.

And since they're already the best of friends, they'll have such an amazing bond as this child grows up, although based on how well they fit together at their current sizes, snuggling may not be quite as easy in a few more years. I'm thinking it might be a good idea for this kitty to get as much love as she can before the baby figures out how to get up and run away. (Or learns how to chase her.)

Have your pets taken to your baby as well as this cat?


Image via mihaifrancu/YouTube

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