10 Things Our Kids Will Never Have to Learn How to Do

Jeanne Sager | Jun 27, 2013 Being a Mom
10 Things Our Kids Will Never Have to Learn How to Do

payphoneDid you hear a teenage witness in a trial admitted she couldn't read a letter she supposedly wrote? The 19-year-old can't read it because she can't read (or apparently write) cursive! Pass me some Metamucil, because dang that made me feel old!

Of course a teenager in 2013 can't read cursive! School after school is dropping the handwriting we toiled over back in third grade.

To quote a singer most teenagers have never even heard of, "the times, they are a changin'." 

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Just look at all the skills we grew up with ... that our kids will likely never master.

Do you remember doing these? Which ones can your kids do?


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  • Things Our Kids Will Never Learn


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  • Make a Call on a Rotary Dial Phone


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    According to the latest statistics, more than one third of Americans don't have land lines in their homes. Most of today's teens have never seen a rotary dial phone ... never mind used one!

  • Load a Film Camera


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    We live in the age of digital everything, and that includes cameras. Heck, most kids don't even USE cameras. They use their phones!

  • Make Popcorn on the Stove


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    Remember when making popcorn meant loading a pot with oil and some kernels? Now it's just throwing a bag in the microwave.

  • Load a Typewriter


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    Sure, they'd probably be able to type if someone had already put the paper in, but would they know how to get it in there?

  • Play a Cassette Tape


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    You're lucky if your kid knows what a CD is, but put a cassette tape in her hand and tell her to play your favorite song, and you'll probably get a very confused look.

  • Read or Write Cursive


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    Public schools may follow the "Common Core State Standards," but it's up to individual districts to decide whether they want to teach cursive or not. That means many kids can't write it ... OR read it!

  • Use a Payphone


    Image by Jeanne Sager

    Technically, I'd imagine they'd figure out HOW to use one. But would they know to look for one? Or even be able to find one?

  • Do Research in a Library


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    I remember our school librarian sitting us down for actual lessons on how to look things up in BOOKS. Now there's little point. It's all online. The mysteries of the reference system mean little to our kids.

  • Roller Skate


    Image via chrishimself/Flickr

    A true lost art ... rollerskating (not that I could ever do it even back then!).


  • Get a Nintendo Cartridge to Work Again


    Image via whatleydude/Flickr

    If it didn't work, would your kid know to blow?

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