10 Things Our Parents Let Us Do As Kids That Would Get Them Arrested Today (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | Jun 26, 2013 Being a Mom

hippie vanPhew! We're here, and we're still alive. It's hard to believe we made it this far though, what with the crazy way our parents raised us. There were no helicopter parents or Tiger Moms, no baby monitors or preschool admission tutors; they were just moms and dads doing what they thought best. 

Looking back though, what they thought best was pretty dang scary in many cases. If we followed in their footsteps today, we'd have CPS on our doorstep in heartbeat ... or at least a judgy mom in our face. I recently polled some friends and family to find out what kinds of crazy things their parents let them/made them do when they were young, and they came up with some doozies. See if you recognize any that your own parents did, and add any new ones in the comments.

What's the craziest thing your parents did when you were young that could get someone arrested today?


Image via John Fisher/Flickr

  • Cigarettes


    Image via Jennifer Peyton/Flickr


    "My best friend's mom used to send us into the mini mart for her cigarettes (age 8 or so)."

  • Handoff to Hippies


    Image via John Fischer/Flickr

    "My mom used to leave me and my baby brother with the hippies who hung out in front of the train station so we could play Frisbee with them while she shopped."

  • No Seatbelts


    Image via Alden Jewell/Flickr

    "Lying in the back window of a pale yellow 1977 Mercury Cougar comes to mind."

  • Spanking


    Image via kewy1/Flickr


    "My husband's parents would make him go into the yard and look for a switch [stick] to be spanked with."

  • Chores


    Image via Matt MacGillivray/Flickr

    "My mom used to drop me off at the grocery store to get all the groceries for the week with a blank check or her credit card to which I would sign her name -- this was years before I could drive."

  • Home Alone


    Image via Melvin "Buddy" Baker/Flickr

    "My sister and I stayed home by ourselves after school for two hours starting at age 7 & 9."

  • Driving


    Image via Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

    "My dad would still be in jail. When I was 14 I drove our Suburban pulling a boat down to the Keys."

  • No Car Seats


    Image via William Warby/Flickr


    "Riding in the back of the truck, for one."

  • Free Range


    Image via Derek Hatfield/Flickr

    "I was a total free-range kid -- I explored all over our small town by myself. I even had my own little Terebithia."

  • Booze


    Image via Valters Krontals/Flickr


    "By eighth grade I could have a screwdriver at my graduation, and piña coladas when we went cruising."

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