A Day at 'Camp Mom': 6 Ways I Kept My Sick Kid Busy While I Worked (PHOTOS)

kid relaxingDesperate times call for desperate measures -- and boy have I ever been desperate as far as what to do with my kid this week. You see, Tuesday was his last day of school, and since summer camp doesn't start until Monday, I lined up a babysitter to watch him Wednesday through Friday of this week so I can work.

And everything was going splendidly for about two hours on Wednesday -- and then the sitter called to let me know my son was coughing like crazy -- so he had to come home. I'm about 99 percent sure he's got a major case of allergies going on (no fever, nothing hurts) -- but he's still hacking, so he's been home with me ever since instead of having fun and enjoying the first few days of summer break. (WTF? So unfair to both of us.)

He's been amazing, and seems pretty content considering he's had to entertain himself while I get my work done.


But "Camp Mom" can't exactly be fun for a 7-year-old boy full of energy.

Want to know the kinds of activities he's had the pleasure of doing at Camp Mom? Check out these photos to see what he's been up to. And if you're interested in enrolling your child, sorry -- this camp is definitely closing it's doors at the end of today.


Images via Mary Fischer

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