'Breastmilk' Movie Will Make You Look at Breastfeeding Very Differently (VIDEO)

toddler breastmilkThere's a movie about breastmilk. For me, it's a must-see. It's not World War Z budget material and there isn't a fancy A-list star, but it is about one of the most talked about and controversial parts of becoming a mother -- breastfeeding. A favorite topic of mine. Breastmilk the movie is directed and produced by Dana Ben-Ari who, after having her first child, became fascinated with breastfeeding. By the time baby number two came around, she was ready to make a film and interviewed women and men in order to put together this documentary, which contains all the notions surrounding the act of nursing your baby. Or as we see in this photo from the movie, a toddler enjoying a fresh glass of mama's milk. Sweet! Literally.

The pressure to be super mom, hooter hiders, pumping at work, getting baby to latch, are breasts too sexual, and what's up with the lactating breast? It's all covered ... or shall we say uncovered in this film. Check out the clip.


Breastmilk is going to make some of us laugh and maybe even reminisce about the feeling of letdown (or give us some not-so-sweet memories of pumping -- that sound!), but what I love best about it is it doesn't seem to have a forced agenda. Ben-Ari showcases the challenges women face -- the guilt, the issues, the pain -- along with society's view and the funny side, too. Have you tried squirting breastmilk like that one mom? I did! And was shocked at how far it went when I first did it.

The mother who talks about the cavewomen and how she wondered if one cavewoman had trouble with their baby latching on, would the other cavewomen chastise her for having that issue brings up a great point. We don't support each other as much as we should. Too often, we tear each other down. This goes for women who tried to nurse and just didn't have enough milk as well. We cannot tell them they didn't try hard enough. That's wrong. So wrong. We can never fully understand what another person goes through.

Maybe the most controversial part of the film is the notion that breasts are too sexual -- and why breastfeeding in public is seen as obscene. Is the lactating breast the most sexual breast as one woman says? Is seeing a breast the equivalent as seeing a penis? Depends on who you ask.

What do you think of this clip from Breastmilk the movie?

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