Burger Restaurant Makes Fun of Teenage Vegetarians Because It’s Just a Phase, Right?!? (VIDEO)

red robin vegetarianHow cool, Red Robin is now catering to vegetarians. Have you seen their latest commercial? It's all about how they serve 24 unique kinds of burgers, so they have something for everyone. Why, Red Robin even seves veggie burgers "for when your teenage daughter is going through a phase." Aww, they know us so well. Teenage girls and their ridiculous food phases. Har har har!

Harrumph! Really, Red Robin? Vegetarianism is just a phase for teenage girls? Tell that to all 40-somthing vegetarians I know. Maybe they went vegetarian when they were teenagers, but it was anything but a "phase."


Not to mention, who says the vegetarian "phase" is just for girls. Boys go vegetarian, too. Is there something girly about not eating meat? If anything, those of us who bleed every month should be MORE into meat than guys are. I mean, talk about teenage girl phases. How about that one that lasts a week and leaves you craving extra iron?

Okay, I'm done with the feigned outrage portion of this post. I see what Red Robin's doing here. This is a commercial for frustrated parents who spent years trying to feed their picky eaters, then trying to keep their growing pubescents from starving to death, only to land on planet vegetarianism. Yet another way feeding your kids has become complicated! Oh goody! Can you blame a parent if they're secretly hoping this vegetarian thing is just a phase?

It's probably not. Sorry parents. But think of it this way -- your vegetarian teen is just a few years away from going a way to college. And who knows, maybe by then they'll have converted you to their "phase" as well. Stranger things have happened... ahem, Bill Clinton.


Do you think parents hope their kids' vegetarianism is just a phase?


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