My 'Over-Scheduled' Kids Are Much Happier Because of It (VIDEO)

Mad LifeThere is a huge stigma in today's society against "over-scheduled" children. Unscheduled kids are also judged, of course, but God help the mother who enrolls her children in more than two after school activities. This makes me enemy number one since both of my children have about five activities each (that's a total of 10 if you are counting).

For me, it has always been this way. We like to stay busy so when my daughter was little, there were infant massage classes, art classes, baby soccer, and various other activities. Of course, as she got older, life only became more hectic and now all the activities I once chose are ones that she chooses.

This discussion made it's way to Cafe Mom's show Mad Life and the thoughts on this "over-scheduling" were pretty entertaining. See below:


So, yes, I have the daughter in five activities, but she is happy. She never complains about going to them and she asks for them by name. How could I tell her no?

We will keep our life this way at least until homework gets in the way. Until then, she needs to enjoy herself and do the things she loves without judgment. And I need to get a chauffeur. 

Are your kids over-scheduled? Do you have them in many after school activities and sports?



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