Twins Think Rubber Bands Are the Funniest Things They've Ever Seen (VIDEO)

twins playing with rubberbandsI know that twins playing with rubber bands doesn't sound that funny or cute. It may even sound first and foremost like a choking hazard, but trust me, this video, which has gone viral this week, is that funny and cute. And no one got hurt, so relax and enjoy.

In it you see two tiny toddlers standing at some kitchen cabinets. They each have a rubber band, which they're placing on the cabinet knobs. As they pull on them and the rubber bands snap back and off, hilarity ensues. They laugh and giggle so hard they fall down. 


I'm sorry, but if that didn't at least make you chuckle, then you have no soul. They are too crazy cute.

It also goes to show once again, how little it takes to entertain kids. We can spend tons of  money on all the bright, shiny  new toys in the world, only to have the kids ignore them and play with the box. It's happened with my kids more times than I care to remember. So this is a great reminder that it's often the simpler the better when it comes to kids. But do watch them closely if you give them rubber bands.

Did this video make you giggle? What things do your toddlers find hilarious?


Image via VideoLooL1/YouTube

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