Moms Who Think Drugs Make Them Better Parents Must Be High

pot party
The moms dig into a cannabis-infused three-course meal.
Being a mom is hard. Really hard at times. Even after our little ones start sleeping through the night, playing independently, and finally understanding the command "go to sleep," we moms are still perpetually exhausted. It took me years to finally accept that is what it's like to be a mom -- always pulled in a million different directions thanks to family, work, preschool auctions, recitals, playdates, etc. I've accepted it as just a way of life. Not so for everyone.

A group of Beverly Hills moms proudly admit they've turned to marijuana to cope with this constant frenzy. In fact, it goes beyond the occasional puff-puff in the bathroom when the kids are asleep, with the window open and a towel rolled up along the bottom edge of the door. These women are having lavish dinner parties with pot as the preferred main dish.


Among the most popular menu items: cannabis leaf salad, chicken fried in cannabis oil, and marijuana milkshakes.

These 'marijuana moms' come from various walks of life (some stay-at-home wives of wealthy businessmen, some bartenders and waitresses) but have one crucial thing in common. They say smoking weed, which is legal with a prescription in California, makes them better parents and wives. How, you say? Well, it enables them to relax and stay calm, not angry, and be less stressed. One woman even swears it saved her marriage.

Many say they initially began using to deal with pain or side effects from an illness, then realized the added personality benefit. While I think being relaxed and calm is a good thing, I am not so sure this is the best way to accomplish it. Isn't this essentially just parenting while stoned? And I am not against their right to use marijuana through a legal prescription. That drug has helped many people suffering from illnesses like cancer and with chronic pain. But should we be nurturing and tending to our children in a constant drug haze?

Some of these moms admitted to using several times a day. It's one thing if you have an anxiety disorder or some other issue that is helped by the drug, but it sounds like an unnecessary crutch otherwise. One pro-pot mom compared it to how mothers in the 1960s used Valium to help them cope with the daily emotional strains of running a household. But that doesn't justify it in my eyes. Both examples are equally worrisome. Not because I think the drugs are dangerous to your health, but rather because it sets a bad example -- for other moms.

Being a mother is an emotionally and physically taxing job, but we should find ways to adjust to that new circumstance that doesn't involve drugs. If you need something to “get you through” parenthood every day, that's a problem that marijuana will only mask, not fix. Isn't it better to go to therapy or find some way to get more help with the kids than to turn to this? All moms deserve to be happy and I would hope there is a way to accomplish that without drugs.

Do you think smoking pot can make you a better parent?

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