Got Mom Guilt? Look at Everything You've Done Right

thumbs upAs we all know, mommy guilt peaks in June (it's true!). Now that it's once again that end-of-school / start-of-summer time, I once again find myself panicking over everything I have to get done (and everything I'm falling behind on). But before I spiral into a stressed out puddle of guilt, I decided to make a list of all the things I've done right so far this June. After all, what better antidote to self-inflicted mommy guilt than to pat ourselves on our own overwhelmed backs?

I forgot about the Flag Day assembly so Isabella was, like, the only kid out of 200 not wearing red, white OR blue; I missed out on my last chance to volunteer in her school library EVER; and my house is a mess ... BUT!!!! I've done all of the following 15 things this month, and it's only half over. If they sound trivial to you as you read them, my response is:


I know!

There's nothing heroic or amazing about any of these little things, but these little things that make up our daily lives add up to everything. We can focus on the little failures and feel guilty, or we can focus on the little achievements, and feel good. So here goes:

1. The check is in the mail! (I signed Isabella up for our town's summer music program more or less on time.)

2. The adorable dress we picked out online for the "4th Grade Farewell" ceremony has actually been ordered and is hanging in Isabella's closet AS I TYPE. (Amazing!)

3. When I overheard the mom next to me telling another mom a horseback riding-related horror story involving a broken arm, I did not leap through the glass and pull my daughter off the pony during her first riding lesson (for which she's been begging for four years, and which we finally bought for her birthday three months ago, and finally scheduled last week). No, I did not.

4. On "Hats on for Progeria Day," I remembered to send Isabella to school IN A HAT!

5. I abandoned my work and to-do list, and went to ballet pick-up 30 minutes early just to watch her dance.

6. I not only helped chaperone our troop at the town-wide Girl Scout Pool party, but remembered to bring dry goods to donate for the service project! Maybe for the first year ever!

7. Despite my better judgement, I let Isabella bake cupcakes for the aforementioned pool party, way too late the night before, resulting in chocolate frosting EVERYWHERE (including the bottom of her FEET the next morning!) ... but a happy girl.

8. I repeated #7, but for a bake sale. (Is that the definition of insanity?!)

9. Piano recital: attended, sliced fruit provided, video and photos taken. Check, check and check!

10. Saturday, Isabella and I ran the 5K our Girls on the Run team has been prepping for all spring. Although I am woefully out of shape, I managed to keep up with her without keeling over.

11. On the one weekend day we actually made it to the town pool since it opened, I let Isabella and her friend stay in as long as they wanted instead of worrying about dinner, or their slightly blue lips.

12. When we had some time before we met my husband in the city for Father's Day dinner, I let Isabella pick going to American Girl Doll Place instead of going to the Met Museum, and I only whined about being bored a couple of times!

13. I took about five reminders, but I finally got Isabella's kindergarten photo to the poor mom putting together the slideshow that I know is going to make me cry at the "farewell" ceremony this week.

14. I paid for and picked up our town pool badges!

15. While driving our baby to her last full day of elementary school this very morning, my husband and I truly, deeply, appreciated and savored those run-of-the mill five minutes. We said so out loud, and then told Isabella how much we love her. Fleeting, beautiful, and precious.

Your turn: what have you done well this month? Rejoice and share below!


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