11 Ordinary Things That Make Moms Quake in Their Boots

Jeanne Sager | Jun 17, 2013 Being a Mom

fearI used to love summer vacation. What kid doesn't? And then I had a kid and I realized that moms fear some of the very things their kids adore ... some of the very ordinary things WE used to love (or at least tolerate). Now summer vacation means two months of having to pay babysitters, juggle camp schedules, and ward off the "I'm bored"s.

Yes, I fear summer vacation much the same way I fear too much quiet and the question why. Because that old cliche about how everything changes after you have kids is absolutely true!

Things that never made you bat an eye and things you thought were peachy keen suddenly become things you FEAR when you become a parent.

And it's not just summer vacation. Behold the crazy things moms fear because, well, we're moms!

What do you fear now that you're a parent that never bothered you before?


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  • Ordinary Things Moms Dread

  • The Word 'Why'


    Remember when why was just another word? Back before you heard it approximately 698 times a day?

    This is the parenting equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

  • Power Outages


    The shrieks that echo from my daughter's bedroom on nights when the power goes out, leaving her alone in a dark room, are enough to curdle the blood, but that's only the beginning. The real pain of a power outage is the foot in mouth I'm treated to in the middle of the night ... because she can't even SLEEP in the dark alone!

  • LEGOs


    This may sound like a curious one. They're a kid's toy, and a pretty awesome one at that.

    But if you've ever stepped on a LEGO on a dark night's journey to the bathroom, you have a healthy fear of these little plastic bricks again appearing on your floor.

  • Mom


    It's not "Mom" that's the problem really. It's "Moooooooooooooom."

    You know what's coming next.

  • Quiet


    No good can come of quiet children. Only bedroom floors coated in glue and glitter ....


  • Permanent Marker


    They used to be wonderful little gizmos for labeling. Now they're a near guarantee that I'll need my living room repainted.

  • Pet Stores


    You'd walk by them in the mall and maybe you'd feel a twinge. Now there is no walking by. You will exit the mall and walk outside in the pouring rain to get to another store just so you don't have to listen to the litany of: "Mom, can we have a puppy? Please, Mom? I promise I'll take care of it and feed it and walk it and please Mom! A puppy, please?"

  • Public Libraries


    OK, I adore the library even now, but I approach any place that keeps the volumne down with trepidation now that I'm a mother. Inside voices are not our strong suit!

  • Summer Vacation


    Remember when summer vacation was just two months of relaxing bliss? Me neither!

    These days it's no more teachers, no more books, plenty of tearing my hair out trying to juggle it all!

  • Pancake Syrup


    What is that you see? Yummy syrup on fluffy pancakes?

    Because I see a sticky, sticky mess.


  • Hair Lice


    No one really likes to think about lice, but it wasn't until I first started sending my kid to school that I really came to fear those little buggers!

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