5 Reasons to Ditch the Baby for a Romantic Trip This Summer

feetWe love our kids, don't we? They're the best. We would do anything and everything for them at any given moment -- which is why stealing a romantic jaunt with your partner this summer is exactly what you need. No diapers. No sippy cups. No strollers. Just you, your partner, and something white. (You can wear white when the kids aren't around!)

Here are 5 reasons to ditch the baby for a romantic trip this summer.


1. Sleep. Do I really need to elaborate on this? Okay, fine, I will -- everything is better with sleep. Everything. You're in a better mood. You can concentrate. You look five years younger. You love each other more when you both have sleep.

2. You get to reconnect. When you have a child, your life quickly becomes about, well, your child. Relationships often come second after kids come into the picture. And while your kids should come first when you're a parent, you should take some time to get back to each other and remember you as a couple.

3. You get to have adult conversation. When you have kids it's practically impossible to go two minutes without being interrupted. And while kids say the darndest and cutest things, let's be real, it can be a little frustrating from time to time. Get away. Be alone. Go talk about ... I don't know, what do adults even talk about these days when kids aren't around?

4. You get a break. When you make the decision to bring a child into the world, it's up to you to take care of that sweet, little person. But that doesn't mean it doesn't get tiring. Getting a break from childcare duties -- even if it's just for one day -- will be more revitalizing than you know.

5. You get to remember you do have other aspects of your life -- and that's important. Kids are all-consuming. It's easy to get lost in "being a mom". But remember you had a life before you had children. That part of you is still there! It may just take a night or two away from your little one to realize it.

Have you taken a trip without your baby?


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