5 Things It's a Shame Babies Don't Remember

babySure, they'll have the photos, the videos, the baby books, and the blogs. But nothing rivals an actual memory. The ability to internally go back in time and feel what it was actually like to be there.

The first few years of parent- and babyhood are so incredibly sweet and touching, but unfortunately we the parents are the only ones who really remember things. Sure, we may have a random memory or two from our own childhoods, but it's basically impossible to harness some of the feelings and emotions we had as babies. And that's a bummer.

Here are 5 things it's a shame babies don't remember.

Image via Eric Flemming/Flickr

  • Falling Asleep on Our Chest


    Kris Gabbard/Flickr

    The older we get, the more fidgety and aware we become. Oh, to be so content and at peace that we could just fall asleep on someone's chest at will! What a truly great memory that would be.

  • Walking for the First Time


    Dermot O'Halloran


    The thrill of standing on your own two feet for the first time -- and moving! What an exciting memory to have!

  • The Feeling of Having No Fear


    Honza Soukup/Flickr

    I seriously doubt any of us remember a time when we felt no fear whatsoever -- and it's too bad. That has to be one unbelievable feeling.

  • Nursing


    Mothering Touch/Flickr


    Some people do remember breastfeeding, but for those of us who didn't nurse into toddlerhood, our kids won't remember. Sad, as it's such a special, intimate moment.

  • The Feeling of Being Totally and Completely in the Moment


    Iain Watson/Flickr


    The older we get, the more we get caught up in time and what we need to be doing in the future. The feeling of being 100 percent in the moment with nothing else on our minds is an amazing feeling, but it's sadly not easy to do as an adult.

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