40 Inspiring Quotes About Fatherhood That Tell It Like It Is

Jordyn Smith | May 10, 2018 Being a Mom
40 Inspiring Quotes About Fatherhood That Tell It Like It Is
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Father's Day is right around the corner. That means moms and kids everywhere are gearing up to gift the men in their lives with cool gifts and a ton of love. When it comes to family units, dads play just as important of a role in their kids' lives as moms do, but they sometimes tend to be a little quieter when it comes to offering words of wisdom, advice, or talking about their parenting experiences as a whole. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of celebrity dads who have spoken out about fatherhood in all types of ways. Sometimes they're offering advice to their fellow dads, sometimes they're gushing about their love for their kids, and sometimes they just want to keep it real about how tough it is to be a parent. Either way, many celeb dads are never afraid to tell it like it is. 

That's exactly why we've chosen to celebrate them and their words for Father's Day this year. From all areas of entertainment, from all walks of life, and with all kinds of different outlooks on what it means to be a dad, the 40 celebrity dads on this list are funny, inspiring, and heartwarming all at once.

Dad and son during fall

  • Corey Hart Father's Day Quote 

    Coret Hart father's day quote

    Making choices as a working parent in any field can be tough, but singer Corey Hart makes it clear where his priorities lie. 

  • Ray Romano Father's Day Quote 


    Honestly, we hadn't really thought of comparing kids to tiny little frat bros before, but it fits surprisingly well. 

  • John Legend Father's Day Quote 


    Singer John Legend has always had a way with words, but this amazing dad truth probably takes the cake. 

  • Mahershala Ali Father's Day Quote 

    mahershala ali father's day quote

    Another one that really resonates with working parents, Mahershala Ali's words bring life to pressure we feel to make every moment with our kids count. 

  • Mike Myers Father's Day Quote 


    The constant excitement, that feeling of not knowing what's going to happen -- Mike Myers was totally right with this one. 

  • Jay-Z Father's Day Quote 

    jay-z father's day quote

    Being a parent isn't always about coming up with beautiful quotes and sage wisdom. Like Jay-Z says, sometimes, it's just about chillin' with your kids. 

  • Robert Downey Jr. Father's Day Quote 


    We may not admit it, but we all want to be our kids' biggest heroes. We love that Robert Downey Jr. is telling us all that just being human is more than good enough. 

  • Jerry Seinfeld Father's Day Quote 

    jerry seinfeld father's day quote

    Is there anything that quite describes what it's like parenting a toddler like this spot-on Jerry Seinfeld quote? 

  • Jason Momoa Father's Day Quote 


    Action star Jason Momoa proves that he isn't afraid to encourage his kids to push themselves whenever necessary -- which is definitely an admirable quality in a dad. 

  • Mark Ruffalo Father's Day Quote 

    mark ruffalo father's day quote

    We can't get enough of funny dads who aren't afraid to tell it like it is. Mark Ruffalo gives us all peace of mind by comparing our parenting freakouts to valued quality time. 

  • Jon Stewart Father's Day Quote 


    It's obvious that Jon Stewart was joking in this quote, but there's definitely some truth to his funny statement. 

  • David Beckham Father's Day Quote 

    david beckham father's day quote

    Those major shifts in priorities that come with having kids aren't always easily, but David Beckham seems to be handling them like a boss. 

  • Matthew McConaughey Father's Day quote 


    This Matthew McConaughey quote is equal parts funny and sentimental -- but most of all, it's very, very true. 

  • Scott Disick Father's Day Quote 

    scott disick father's day quote

    Parents are no strangers to receiving constant advice. Scott Disick made this bold statement after being asked if he had any of his own for future dads. 

  • Barack Obama Father's Day Quote 


    Barack Obama may be one of the most iconic dads of all time. His words should be inspiring to all the other hardworking fathers out there. 

  • Ashton Kutcher Father's Day Quote 

    ashton Kutcher father's day quote

    Ashton Kutcher perfectly encapsulates the overwhelming appreciation we all feel for our parents when we meet our own kids for the first time. 

  • Harry S. Truman Father's Day Quote 


    Former US president Harry S. Truman offers some sound advice that all parents can use when it comes to guiding their children. 

  • Mario Lopez Father's Day Quote 

    mario lopez father's day quote

    The life of being a famous television personality and a dad can't always be easy. But Mario Lopez says that his kids make the entire struggle more than worth it. 

  • Ryan Reynolds Father's Day Quote 


    Ryan Reynolds is known for his hilarious takes on parenting, but we love this brutally honest one just as much. 

  • Jamie Foxx Father's Day Quote 

    jamie foxx father's day quote

    Parenting advice can be hard to follow, but these words from Jamie Foxx always seem to ring true. 

  • Justin Timberlake Father's Day Quote 


    There isn't a perfect parent anywhere in this world. But Justin Timberlake makes it clear that our imperfections are what make us great moms and dads. 

  • Channing Tatum Father's Day Quote 

    channing tatum father's day quote

    When comparing the job of a secret service agent to that of a new dad, Channing Tatum totally hits the nail on the head. 

  • William Shakespeare Father's Day Quote 


    Just about everyone is well acquainted with at least one famous quote by William Shakespeare, but these tender words about fatherhood may be our favorite. 

  • Jim Gaffigan Father's Day Quote 

    jim gaffigan father's day quote

    Jim Gaffigan is probably the king of relatable parenting comedy, and this quote proves that he's totally in touch with what all dads are feeling. 

  • Michael Bublé Father's Day Quote 


    When talking about becoming a dad for the first time, Michael Bublé absolutely nails that indescribable feeling all parents have in the very beginning. 

  • Brad Pitt Father's Day Quote 

    brad pitt father's day quote

    Brad Pitt perfectly describes one of those things all parents know to be true -- that our lives may be crazy and hectic, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

  • Ed Asner Father's Day Quote 


    We commend a dad who isn't afraid to tell the truth. Ed Asner knows firsthand that those perfect parenting moments are almost always followed by tough ones. 

  • Hugh Jackman Father's Day Quote 

    hugh jackman father's day quote

    He may be best known for being a comic book hero, but it's clear that Hugh Jackman's best role is that of a proud dad. 

  • Mark Wahlberg Father's Day Quote 


    Sometimes, dads have a difficult time feeling like they really matter in their kids' lives. Mark Wahlberg tells them that being present is their most important job. 

  • Jim Valvano Father's Day Quote 

    jim valvano father's day quote

    Here's another man who isn't afraid to give props to his own dad. Famous basketball player and coach Jimmy Valvano's words are just as inspiring as his father. 

  • Beau Bridges Father's Day Quote 


    Actor Beau Bridges shows some love for his own dad by highlighting the man's most important role. 

  • Matt Bomer Father's Day Quote 

    matt bomer father's day quote

    Actor Matt Bomer obviously takes his job as a dad very seriously -- as daunting and challenging as it may be. 

  • Chris Hemsworth Father's Day Quote 


    Chris Hemsworth offers an incredibly interesting opinion on the special ways our kids care for us. 

  • Elton John Father's Day Quote 

    elton john father's day quote

    We haven't heard a lot of parents express enjoyment for changing diapers, but that's why Elton John is a hero. 

  • Jesse Williams Father's Day Quote 


    Whether we're discovering new things about our kids or ourselves, parenting never stops being adventurous. 

  • Idris Elba Father's Day Quote 

    idris elba father's day quote

    Actor Idris Elba perfectly expresses the all-consuming love dads feel for their kids. 

  • Liam Neeson Father's Day Quote 


    None of us ever want to admit the truth in those popular parenting clichés. Lucky for us, Liam Neeson doesn't have a problem with that at all. 

  • Jude Law Father's Day Quote 

    jude law father's day quote

    Like so many other famous, working dads, actor Jude Law doesn't have an issue with taking the time out to express his gratitude to his kids. 

  • Ryan Gosling Father's Day Quote 


    When talking about being a father to his two daughters, Ryan Gosling made us all swoon with his adorable description of his life. 

  • Prince William Father's Day Quote 

    prince william father's day quote

    Both moms and dads feel the crazy protective instinct Prince William is talking about in this quote. But we still love hearing him talk about his love for his family.