8 Things Only Pregnant Women Can Get Away With (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Jun 11, 2013 Being a Mom

pregnantLet's face it -- pregnancy is a miracle, but sometimes it can be a real drag, especially when you're hot, tired, uncomfortable, and literally feeling like your body has been taken over by a tiny human being living inside of you. (Which is the case, of course.)

But while those nine months aren't all fun and games, being pregnant does come with a few perks. There are certain things you can get away with doing that you probably wouldn't be able to if you didn't have a bun in the oven.

Take a look at these photos to see 8 things you can totally pull off if you happen to have a baby on the way.


Image via futurestreet/Flickr

  • Splurging at Restaurants


    Image via jeffreyw/Flickr

    Can't decide between two entrees? Go ahead and order both. Hey, you're eating for two, right? Craving appetizers and dessert too? Go for it!

  • Passing Gas


    Image via the.barb/Flickr

    So you let one slip -- who cares? You're pregnant and can't control them. It's perfectly acceptable.

  • Parking in a Handicapped Space


    Image via Accretion Disc/Flickr

    Sure, it's a tad shameful, but come on -- if there aren't designated spots for moms-to-be wherever you are shopping, will it really hurt to park in a handicapped space while you run in for pickles and ice cream?

  • Taking the Elevator


    Image via Sam Howzit/Flickr

    Ok, so it's frowned upon to take the elevator instead of the stairs if you're only going up a floor or two -- but not if you're pregnant.

  • Crying Uncontrollably in Public


    Image via E Photos/Flickr

    It's so embarrassing if you're out in public and get all hysterical, but if you're sporting a baby bump, no one will think twice.

  • Using ANY Restroom


    Image via Sam Howzit/Flickr

    You how stores say they don't have a public restroom? Yeah, they have one if you're pregnant. Trust me.

  • Going Barefoot


    Image via Karolina vslo/Flickr

    No shoes, no shirt, no service? If you're pregnant and your dogs are barkin' -- go ahead and kick your shoes off. And then dare anyone to give you grief about it.

  • Expecting to Be Waited On


    Image via tyger_lyllie/Flickr

    Forget carrying your own bags, opening doors, and loading groceries into your car. People will be more than happy to assist you once they catch a glimpse of your growing belly. (Milk this time for all it's worth, ladies.)

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