Really Pregnant Women Doing Really Crazy Things -- Awesome! (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Jun 10, 2013 Being a Mom

pregnant motorcycleYou know what, pregnant ladies? You go be your bad selves. You may have a dumpling in the oven, but why should that change who you are? There are still so many things you love doing that you can keep doing not matter what your condition. All the way to the third tri, baby! To the bitter end. Don't let anything stop you.

Here are eight women who aren't about to let a silly little thing like gestating a human baby in their bodies get in the way of some fun.

  • Riding a Bike


    Jonny Hunter/Flickr

    I kept riding my bike up until I was about five months along. Then I had an accident -- I hit a curb the wrong way and fell off. The baby was fine but my doctor made me give up my bike. Bummer. But that belly does kind of throw you off balance.

  • Ride a Motorcycle


    Josh Ward/Flickr

    Wait a minute -- please tell me you're just joking around there at the back of that hog! I get the bike, but the motorcycle scares me. Besides, are you sure there's enough room there for the three of you?

  • Dress Up as Britney Spears



    Yeah, you might as well do that.

  • Doing Burlesque


    Did I say burlesque? The caption says she's straight-up stripping. I mean, if there's people who want to see that, why not? Or maybe she's just kidding. Either way, grind those hips, mama.


  • Posing for the Gun Club


    Yeah, might as well keep loving guns. Nothing becomes a bare big belly like a bazouka (or whatever that thing is) on your shoulder. Just think, in a few months you'll be burping a wee babe in that same exact place.

  • Pose as a Scary Goddess of Destruction


    I'm not sure what exactly is happening here, but whatever it is it's fierce and a little bit scary.

  • Sword Fighting



    Watch out for Crouching Tigress Hidden Fetus. She's still deadly with those swords.

  • Become a Zombie


    Neeta Lind/Flickr

    Oh, you think the zombie invasion is going to pass you over just because you're with child? Think again. That young blood you're carrying just means now you're eating live flesh for two.

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