20 Wonders of Summer That Will Make Your Kid's Childhood Complete

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This summer is going to be our family's best yet. How do I know? Because we've decided it's going to be. And no, we don't have any big trips to Disneyland planned or a 10-day cruise booked. In fact, we have very little planned -- except that we've all talked and we're all hell bent on making the most of summer's simple, most wonderful gifts. 


Of course, that means my husband and I have to let loose a little and do some things a little outside our comfort zones -- like maybe wear bathing suits in public! -- in order to get out there and show our boys everything summer has to offer.

Summer only comes but once a year, so go for it this year ... really go for it! To get you started, here are 20 of the key wonders your kids should experience for one incredible summer.

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