Teen Language Decoded: What All Those Grunts, Groans & Eye Rolls Really Mean (VIDEO)

teenNext time your teen rolls their eyes and grunts at you, just say: "I can tell you're frustrated by your breathy voice, long, low-back, unrounded vowel with advanced tongue root, but you still have to clean your room." Using phonetic descriptions for the annoying sounds your teenagers make could freak them out enough that they'll stop.

Phoneticist James Harbeck made a short video that technically describes the noises adolescents make when they're airing their displeasure -- you and I hear it as "GODDDDDDDDDDDKAAAAAAAAUGGGGGGGGGGGH", but Mr. Harbeck hears it much differently, albeit with as much disdain and irritation.


Check out his summation:

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh never sounded so fancy.

Do your teens make these noises?


Photo via Tammy McGary/Flickr

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