10 Most Embarrassing Pregnant Mom Moments

pregnantSigh. Pregnancy. It's something else, isn't it? Sure, it's a blessing, a miracle, and all sorts of other warm and fuzzy stuff -- but some of it can be downright pathetic and a bit on the humiliating side.

From unpleasant symptoms and side effects like hemorrhoids, morning sickness, to having a major case of "pregnancy brain", expecting a baby has more than its fair share of total-state-of-embarrassment-inducing material to offer.


Here are 10 of the most embarrassing pregnancy moments moms admit to having while waiting for their little ones to arrive.

  1. "When I was about 8 months pregnant with my son, I had something happen that I still haven't quite lived down to this day. I can't remember if I was pulling out of our garage or pulling into it (hence the whole preggo brain thing), but somehow I misjudged the space and slammed my car into the side of the house. I stripped the paint right off the siding, and in addition to leaving a nice dent in the exterior wall, I also wound up with brown paint streaks all down the passenger side of my black Jeep Liberty. And they remained there for months after the incident -- which my husband reminded me of every time he got the chance. (Heck, he still brings it up once in a while.) I was so mortified after my little mishap, not only because I hit the house -- but because my enormous belly was the reason I suddenly forgot how to steer. I was literally too fat to drive." -- Mary Fischer, The Stir
  2. "Ummm... When I hopped out of the car without setting the emergency brake, and the car started rolling forward, and there I was with my big belly, hopping along with one foot out of the car and one foot in until I could MacGyver-jump back INTO the car and put the brake on. I guess that is not so much embarrassing as it is just plain scary. But total preggo-brain forgetfulness!!" -- @ayearwithmomanddad
  3. "I placed my handbag in my parents' kitchen and I went outside. I took my handbag with me and forgot, so I went back to the kitchen looking for my handbag for good 10 mins ... my bag was outside." -- @deharza
  4. "I was about 8-and-a-half months pregnant and shopping at BJ's when I started having a coughing fit and peed my pants at the same time. I got out of there as fast as possible. SO embarrassing." -- Danielle, Happenings of the Harper Household
  5. "My ex-husband never farted accidentally ... that said we were lying in bed and in the middle of wiggling to get comfortable he accidentally let one go, so of course I found it hilarious. So while laughing hysterically, I jumped out of bed to get away from the smell. Being very pregnant, the baby dropped on to my bladder, causing me to pee. Not just a little either. All contents of my bladder ran down my legs and on to the carpet. All I could do was crouch next to the bed and scream at him to get out of the room." -- Heather
  6. "Seeing someone who hadn't seen me for over a year (when I was 8 months pregnant back then.) He asked, "Weren't you 8 months along last time I saw you?" I pointed to toddler at hubby's side & he took a sigh of relief." -- @Carol_W_P
  7. "I was about 7 months pregnant with the twins when at the time, I was working as an Assistant Manager at a credit union. It was my job at the beginning of every month to test our fire and security alarms to ensure they worked properly in case of a fire or if we experienced a robbery. In order for me to do this and not cause mass alarm and panic, I would have to call the security company and let them know I was going to do the tests so they could put me in to offline status so that police and firemen would not come barreling to the branch. Well, guess who forgot to call the security company and pulled the fire alarms and robbery alarms??? Yup, Me!! I had every cop in town, every fire truck in town, sirens blaring show up in 5 minutes at my door. Total pregnancy brain!! I was so embarrassed telling all the cops and fireman what I did." -- Angela
  8. "When I was pregnant I had many pregnancy brain moments. One time I needed a tank of gas and all I had was a $100 bill. The gas station couldn't break it. So I go the the bank and I hand the money to the bank teller and she says, "What do you want?" And with a look on my face like she was the stupid one I answer, "huh gas." When she looked confused, I realized I had said something really stupid. So finally I realized and was so embarrassed I said twenties would be fine. I left feeling really embarrassed." -- Mandy
  9. "I got "lost" in the hospital parking lot going to my doctor appointment. Which I had been to a million times! My husband was meeting me there and I called him from the car crying, then yelling and screaming like a lunatic. I was lost and it was his fault and I would find my own way to the damn Dr. It was so funny! Poor husband! I was really and truly panicked and confused from pregnancy brain!" -- Sasha U.
  10. (And this last woman may have not actually been pregnant, but her story is too good to leave out.) "Probably doesn't count, but I basically had to have a c-section to remove a baby-sized fibroid. My room was in the Women's wing with the rest of the new moms shuffling around after their c-sections. Not only did I get congratulated multiple times on my new arrival, but I also got a high five when I finally farted in the hallway. I'm pretty sure all of us were trying to prove that point just to be discharged." -- Brooke

Do you have an embarrassing pregnancy moment you'd care to share?


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