7 Things Never to Say to a Working Mom

working momSome moms work. They may work out of necessity, or simply because they enjoy their job. But not everyone can stay at home with their kids all day. That's just how it is.

The battle between Stay At Home Moms versus Working Moms is one that's been going on for a while, and truly, this isn't to fan any flames here. This is just to offer a little insight into comments that may hurt working moms' feelings. (As I'm sure there are comments that offend SAHMs too, am I right?)

Here are 7 things never to say to a working mom.


1. I could never leave my kid all day. Well, technically, you could. The two of you aren't physically fused to one another. You just would rather not. And that's fine! Everyone's different. But please, don't make moms who work feel like crap because they do (or have to) leave their children.

2. Don't you miss your kids? Yes. We do. Very much so. But again, it isn't possible for some moms to stay at home with their children. And isn't that a silly question in the first place?

3. Are you afraid you're going to miss something? Again, yes. We are. But here's the thing -- we don't live at our jobs (well, most of us don't). I returned to work 12 weeks after my daughter was born and I'm yet to miss a milestone. (Knock wood.)

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4. I wish I could get a job. It seems fun to get out of the house. To be totally blunt here, you probably could get a job -- even if it's part time. When there's a will there's a way. But also, please know that while it is refreshing to be able to socialize with other adults, it's not like we're out at the spa all day. Just like being a SAHM isn't a 24:7 party.

5. I would never leave my kid with anyone. This is one I've seen in comments sections many (many) times. And it could be the most hurtful of all. It isn't like we're having babysitters or daycares raise our children. It's just -- well, we can't leave our kids home alone, and we leave them with people we trust.

6. Can you afford to stay at home? Awkward. Plain and simple. Trying to glean information about what spouse's make is just plain awkward. (And maybe we like contributing to our family's income!)

7. That's why you have so much patience -- because you're out of the house all day. Patience is patience. Some people have it and some people don't. While being with the kids all day is incredibly exhausting, so is work. It's just a different kind of exhausting.

What things offend you as a working mom?


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