Sweet Little Boy's Heartfelt Refusal to Eat Animals Makes His Non-Vegetarian Mom Weep

luiz antonioOut of the mouths of babes ... come some pretty amazing words sometimes. Take this little boy from Brazil, for example. Luiz Antonio was just sitting in his high chair, getting ready to eat a plate of potato gnocchi, rice, and octopus -- when something suddenly occurred to him: "This octopus isn't real, right?"

Any parent who's ever attempted to feed a toddler some sort of meat has most likely witnessed the same milestone moment of truth. I remember my daughter squinting at her plate and saying, "Chicken! Like the chicken say 'bock, bock!'" (Except actually she said "kitchen" because she used to get "chicken" and "kitchen" mixed up, but that's beside the point.) When my daughter realized that chicken was chicken, she just sort of shrugged and kept eating. But not Luiz the future animal activist.


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It's fairly mind-blowing to watch this kid's face as the reality of the food chain slowly dawns on him: "Chicken are animals ... fish are animals ... octopus are animals ... why do they die?"

"I don't like that they die. I like that they stay standing up."

By the time Luiz decides that no one should eat animals, because, well, they're animals, his mom is verklempt. Seriously. I'm not a vegetarian, but this kid makes the best case for going meatless that I've ever seen:

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Sadly this adorable video has now been made private. Sorry if you missed seeing it!]

What really gets me is the compassion pouring out of this tiny boy. Totally pure. No matter what your stance on eating animals, Luiz gives us an important reminder: We start out so filled with love for all creatures simply because, well, they're creatures. They stand up.

Does this kid make you want to stop eating meat?


Image via Raffaella Ciavatta/YouTube

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