Co-Sleeping Is Better With 7-Year-Olds Than With Babies (VIDEO)

Mad Life

Remember a few months ago when I confessed that I co-sleep with my 7-year-old son and have no intention of stopping anytime soon? Yes, I said my first grader winds up sleeping in my bed every night and I'm totally fine with it and it doesn't bother me at all.

No, I'm not ashamed; in fact, I'm so cool with it that I went on camera to talk about it. On CafeMom's latest episode of Mad Life, I chatted with hosts Andrew Shue, Joanie Robach, and Chuck Nice all about my nighttime routine -- and you may wind up thinking I'm slightly nuts for not kicking my kid out of my bed even though he's well out of the baby phase.


Believe it or not, I love having my little guy sleep with me -- even though I started out as someone who was firmly against co-sleeping when he was a baby. (I know. Total hypocrite.)

And I'm not sure if you'll buy this one or not, but having my 7-year-old hasn't had any effect on my marriage whatsoever. No, seriously -- nothing has changed at all in the bedroom department. Trust me. (Nada.)

Wanna hear more? Check out the episode below to hear our discussion, and then feel free to smash me to pieces weigh in with your own opinion.

Do you co-sleep with your kids? At what age do you think they're too old to be in their parents' bed?

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