Dad Uses His Imagination & Photography Skills to Create Funniest Baby Photo Album You Have Ever Seen

Emil Nystrom babyOMG. After you see how one father went above and beyond in taking amazing photos of his baby girl, you'll honestly wish you could go back and document every single moment of your child's life in such a fun and creative way.

Swedish photographer Emil Nystrom's baby Signhild's photos are a far cry from the typical shots parents snap of their little ones. With the help of Photoshop, he's created images that will last a lifetime depicting Signhild doing things like painting a wall, flying, doing a cannonball into the bathtub, fixing a car, in addition to this one of her trying her hand at baking. (My personal favorite.)


Check out The Daily Mail to see more pictures of Nystrom's baby -- you won't believe what this kid is "capable" of!

Seriously, are these the sweetest baby photos you've ever seen or what? And I love that he got the inspiration for the pics by watching Swedish commercials. What a savvy guy! I mean, have you ever sat there watching TV thinking you could recreate a scene from an American commercial to score some really cool baby pics? (Didn't think so.)

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Sigh. After checking out these photos, I kind of feel like I missed the boat a little bit as far as taking shots of my son goes. Sure, I have all of the standard pics that most moms have. You know, him splashing in the tub, sitting in the high chair with food all over his face, sitting in the exersaucer for the first time, and enjoying his first taste of birthday cake. But the most creative I ever got with any of his photos was when he was a few weeks old.

A friend had given me a cute little red chair as a baby gift and I wanted a picture of him sitting in it so bad. I did everything in my power to prop him up to get a clear enough shot of him "sitting," but it didn't quite pan out. He screamed, and I gave up.

And as much as I still enjoy looking at all of his old baby photos, I wish I had a few that were so perfect, I could display them all over my house instead of keeping them in baby albums. That's exactly what Nystrom will be able to do -- because he and his family will never outgrow the pics of Signhild. For years to come, whenever they look at them, they'll be magically transported right back to that time when she was a baby -- doing all sorts of astonishing things no baby has ever done before.

To see more of Nystrom's cool photos, make sure to follow him on Twitter as well.

Do you ever get creative with your baby photos?


Image via Emil Nystrom

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