7 Vows Moms Make & Break Every Summer (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | May 30, 2013 Being a Mom

flip flopsAs summer nears, and children celebrate the final days of the school year, moms everywhere are filled with idyllic visions of the long days that lie ahead of us. We promise ourselves that this summer will be different, better, calmer, more memorable ... just like we do every year.

Only those promises ... well they're just not always kept. Oh, our intentions are well and good, but somehow summer has a way of sidetracking us. Here are seven vows moms make each summer ... and what really happens. At least there's always next year.

What vows have you made this summer?


Image via renee mcgurk/Flickr 

  • Vow: There will be no sunburns


    Image via <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/27284887@N03/5808573199/in/photolist-9RhsrM-9RhrJP-4vSfdk-cPiV2S-57uKUV-7T4kY2-cbNxSj-cjuufE-cmEAL-eswLv-9XNgBv-5SqvJi-cLovQN-4vNSnm-veJZJ-38AVqy-5deVka-89udnA-vzEDh-9zbvEe-a2QQnK-2ev2Ga-c4s78q-d3WLj7-4EUCJT-dEPip6-4oEuEo-9hfQXq-9YYmrX-8LMUA7-577V3m-8UN6Tq-8eYjS-9PGi3M-6r2Kh9-4KjBY5-3G5jG-87hX4f-b4quMi-dBRAUx-6urCMd-cJtgmY-8ad5k9-6rFJJc-2dVun1-cLjff3-5Y1ggM-5Y1gjT-6bM

    Reality: No matter how well-intended our SPF plans are, inevitably a family member ends up with that pink skin screaming out to everyone what a bad mom we are.

  • Vow: The kids will NOT spend countless hours watching TV


    Image via <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/62126383@N00/1799332291/in/photolist-3K13Nx-69XUR4-bxdmCy-9V5Xet-5XaGuU-8rggMF-71S3Dk-4HQXPM-4pCoFv-sJDGx-5YeBuT-5YejBD-awQZ22-7g5JWK-56VVce-7vKzhE-79pmmT-6G7qry-HzcNC-sJDJn-5XjsKL-5Xhjwt-5XgP5D-6robm-aE1Qvz-4cG198-5CxZht-atcqGT-atf3zd-atcquk-atf5Qy-atf38W-atcqh2-atcoPi-atcqV2-atf48o-atf3i9-atf5ys-atcpAn-atf2RG-atcqRT-atcrPi-atcpmX-atf4GW-atcqdp-atcq7n-atcpUX-atf4Yb-a

    Reality: The kids spend countless hours watching TV.

  • Vow: Everyone will quietly read for hours at a time


    Image via Chris Chan

    Reality: We go to the library, check out all sorts of books, then rack up astronomical fines as they're abandoned and forgotten.


  • Vow: We won't wait until the last minute to buy school supplies


    Image via <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/36340174@N02/4383108677/in/photolist-7Fjzvg-9et5ir-buuMi9-49Xgeu-35scdr-7AiHPH-2y1TU-59NNri-cyQfsy-5j5nrD-9EGXYV-5XzDHb-5Xvq3a-5Xvqd6-6ZQ9j-5Xvqic-8a83ZR-jP8dv-xpijX-6V1m5c-5QMHwq-7DSF3-9VG7UG-5XvqnZ-5XzE3y-7tH2Xr-Ma8qB-yiN5z-8XAn3t-8TG7m6-aG6koT-7f3PTW-6m7rNf-cEVrt-6bV1Pv-9rLyhQ-3wFqjo-dGRTu2-9CJ2vz-9q88W6-6CRYyU-pevms-2Us1QF-6V5pNS-6V5tBy-6V1nkc-9Phppr-9K1AuV-4QT4q9

    Reality: We totally wait until the last minute and are left hunting for pencil stubs to send in the first day as stores have been so picked over.

  • Vow: We Will be patient, calm, and relaxed with our children


    Image via <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/39356374@N06/5692437434/in/photolist-9F2ek1-4Ew551-81yaap-81yb8X-81yar4-81Bk2y-cYeFiG-4PDCDq-a7mfXw-xjxd7-3nZxeE-3oBXfd-4XRwNb-aagKoi-gVjPH-8yCEGM-3aUGFB-5hvRZF-ApwxY-4oA2xQ-4SRKwc-9MUVYV-9MXFXU-8EF5MJ-9MXGPQ-cqybjq-B5T8U-ebRwbc-2PrYXx-tu2dK-7Xj8gC-81bwoz-9dw6B7-3yRPgN-e9MPcy-tg9ew-9wiF5m-4XXAPf-5hN7Ax-tgJWe-wp8GE-bZ55tb-8pxx8x-9cV9qK-28B7gX-8nfGhj-wB2ee

    Reality: We repeatedly lose our sh*t.

  • Vow: We will clean, organize, and streamline the house


    Image via Elizabeth/Flickr

    Reality: More free time equals more time for creating more messes.

  • Vow: We will savor each and every day with our children

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