8 People Every Parent Would Love to Hire

dirty dishesDid you hear about the Craigslist ad some desperate parent posted to cure her picky eater kids? The ad called for a "really skinny person" who could act hungry in front of the kids. Apparently the parent had been telling their kids that people are starving and would love to have that food they reject night after night, and it's just not sinking in. So now the parent wants to "force them to throw away the food from their unfinished plates in front of someone who is really really skinny who will act hungry." Because that's not a crazy thing to do at all.

Okay, rumor has it this Craigslist ad is just a joke -- a sick, sick joke. We kind of hope it is, because the writer's description of exactly what kind of skinny person they want to hire is too, too ... something. But if we're talking about outside-the-box parents' helpers, I've got a few better ideas.


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