Parents Draw Crazy Eyebrows & Moustache on Baby to Make Him Look Like an Evil Wizard

eyebrow babyYou know what's funny? A baby with menacing black eyebrows and a moustache drawn on his face. That's just plain funny. So of course the "Evil Wizard Baby" pics showing up on everybody's Facebook feed are, well, showing up on everybody's Facebook feed. These shots of 9-month-old Abram are hilarious AND cute. But what I didn't know when I first laughed at them -- and what you probably don't know either -- is that the pictures are also symbolic of a mom and dad's decision to keep a positive outlook despite their baby's physical challenges. Erin Bollman and Tracy Miller of Iowa are taking that whole "laughter is the best medicine" thing literally -- and as any parent with a struggling child can tell you, that's easier said than done.


Born in July of 2012, Abram "had a rough start from the beginning,” says Bollman. “He had a week-long stay in the NICU after an emergency cesarean and respiratory failure. Then the poor guy suffered through colic and still has acid reflux.” As a result of the lack of oxygen he received during birth, Abram has hypotonia (decreased muscle tone) and is "extremely farsighted." 

Thanks to physical therapy, Abram's doing well -- but his parents are more than a little drained after so much "not-so-good news."

"We were desperate to have a little fun," says Bollman.

That's how Evil Wizard Baby was born. And Evil Wizard Baby is definitely fun -- an adorable little despot with a bib reading "I Heart Hugs" and an exposed belly button. Too cute!

Of course, even harmless fun comes with a downside; in this case, comments from people who claim drawing on a baby is akin to child abuse. (Really?!) Since Abram's parents have that aforementioned sense of humor, though, they didn't let the haters get to them. Bollman says:

A small handful of people have given me some negative backlash claiming that what I have done is considered child abuse (assuming that it was sharpie) and complaining that my child was dirty. Somehow they managed to make assumptions but did not bother to read the description that he was eating spaghetti and that I used a non-allergenic eyeliner and removed it immediately after his dinner with a natural based, paraben free eye makeup remover that is made here in Des Moines by VG Cosmetics!

Puh-leeze. Personally, I'm impressed with this family -- as a mom, I know how tough it can be to stay upbeat (let alone fun) when I'm worried about my kids. But it's definitely something we should all try to do, for everybody's sake.

Do you find it hard to stay positive when you're stressed about your child's health?

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