3-Year-Old's Explanation of Child Birth Makes the Whole Thing Seem So Easy (VIDEO)

adela describing child birthOne family decided to make a little video to let their loved ones know that they are expecting baby number two. Who better to share the news than the very person who is going to become a big sister -- Adela, age 3. With her adorable Shirley Temple curls, big blue eyes, and My Little Ponies in the background Adela explains just what is happening with her Mama in between cereal bites.

She's quite blunt and straight to the point. Check out the video.


"A baby's coming out mommy's vagina!" Her parents taught her right, don't you think? We use the word vagina in my house but also choo choo, which is totally weird and confusing and probably a complete mistake and will scar my kids forever whenever they see a train. I think I can! I think I can! Maaaaaaaaaaaa?! What does the vagina think it can do?

I'll tell you what that vagina can do. It can birth a baby. Yep. A baby can just come right out of it. And it does.

Adela, you're going to be the best big sister ever. Congrats to the family!

What do you think of this 3-year-old using the word vagina? What does your child call their private parts?

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