10 Dreaded Parenting Jobs That DO Get Easier

"Motherhood gets easier."

Of all the things I was told when I had babies, that was probably the biggest lie of them all. Those early days -- the ones where you get to carry around your child in a seat, he or she can't talk back, can't move, and is soothed with a bottle or diaper change? That's the easiest it will ever be. EVER.

Well, mostly. I will admit that there are certain parts of motherhood that I am enjoying now more than ever ...


1. The drop-off birthday. Around age 5, birthday parties make the transformation from hell on earth to free babysitting. And then a few years later comes the sleepover party. SCORE! (At least when you're not hosting it.)

2. The end of baths. That day when your child no longer needs you to tend to them in the bath, but can shower alone? Magical.

3. No more separation anxiety. Remember when you couldn't leave your baby without he or she carrying on like the world was ending? That sucked. Buh-bye, kids!

4. You're no longer a milkmaid. Hallelujah.

5. And then ... no more baby food! Sure, picky kids are no bargain, but at least they don't eat mushed up peas anymore. Gag.

6. Play-dates don't require constant supervision. Play-dates these days mean I'm not bugged, bothered, or needed. Bring 'em on.

7. The pediatrician isn't your BFF anymore. (Instead, of course, it's the ER doc.)

8. No more sore shoulders because of 10-pound diaper bags.

9. You don't have to sing nursery rhymes you hate.

10. They can finally express themselves. Never mind, I think I preferred when they couldn't talk.


Image via Scary Mommy

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