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10 Best Baby Memes We've Seen (PHOTOS)

Being a Mom Linda Sharps May 24, 2013

There are some really, really terrible baby-related memes floating around the Internet. Grammatically FUBAR'd memes, memes that were obviously created by an ill-mannered teenager who finds sexually offensive dialogue fake-attributed to a toddler to be the zenith of comedy, memes that are just plain unfunny and a waste of bandwidth.

Of course, those are not the charming diapered viral stars I'm sharing with you today. OH HELL NO, PEOPLE. I've got 10 of the cutest, funniest, most downright adorable meme'd out babies I've stumbled across. Please enjoy!

Images via Know Your Meme, Memebase

1At first I was like...


I feel like this photo perfectly encapsulates my children's reactions to the exersaucer. OMFG NOOO .... OMFG YAYYYYY


2How do I put this?

Truthful baby is truthful.


3Suspicious potty trainer

Whatchoo talking about, potty-chair lady?


4Whoever posed this baby wins the Internet


5Downton Abbey meets Cribs

Cheerio old chap!

No, really, I'd like some cheerios.

6Victory baby never fails to make me smile

That is JUST how I feel about a successful Capri Sun-jab.

7Two more balls

Hahahahahaha! It's extra funny because NO ONE eats the apples.

8Z-Y-X .. W ... LMNOscrewit

A strategically-placed beer, a perfectly-timed shot -- voila, Internet greatness.

9He's not falling for it



Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.



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