Hidden Perks of Being a Dad

Xavier pulling my hairThe hugs take me to another world. The looks of admiration and awe at my strength and ability to reach high things are precious too. But I knew all of that even before my son was born. What surprised me is that being a dad holds hidden perks that no one told me about.

Here thy are:

  • I’m handsomer. When I take my son for walks, women regularly note how cute he is. And they often do so by saying things like “So cute” or “What a cutie.” I get to pretend they’re really talking about me. (Cuz they are).
  • I’m smarter: A lot of people expect dads to be Doofus McDoofus when handed a small (or not so small) child. As long as you’re not shoving the bottle in the wrong end, people will comment how wonderful it is that you’re taking care of a little one. Aww shucks. Thank you.
  • I’m not frightening: This is for all my brown-skinned dads out there. Yeah, I too grew up with people locking their car doors if I ventured too near. But now, holding my son’s tiny hand, no one fears me. White women smile and talk to me all the time. Kumbaya!
  • I’m hilarious. All those things my wife used to laugh at when we were just a-courtin’? They’re the apex of hilarity once again. As an added bonus, my son is funny too. I can tell I will at long last have a Laurel to my Hardy.


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What were some perks of being a mom that surprised you?

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