The 8 Types of Babysitters Every Mom Meets

If there's a "golden rule" of motherhood, it's this: when you find a good babysitter, you hold on for dear life. You pay them well and you guard their phone number like it's the last the hope diamond.


I have a babysitter like this. She started with us when she was 13, and she's about to turn 17. She is more like an extra daughter than someone I employ, and I thank the gods for her on a pretty regular basis.

Because I know not every babysitter is like her. There are saints. There are big sisters. And then there are the horror stories. Trying to scout out childcare for the kiddos? Here's a little taste of just who you're going to find out there!

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Don't worry, it's not all bad!

Which of these have you encountered?


Kinds of Babysitters


Photos via; Jeanne Sager

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