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The 8 Types of Babysitters Every Mom Meets

Being a Mom Jeanne Sager May 27, 2013

If there's a "golden rule" of motherhood, it's this: when you find a good babysitter, you hold on for dear life. You pay them well and you guard their phone number like it's the last the hope diamond.

I have a babysitter like this. She started with us when she was 13, and she's about to turn 17. She is more like an extra daughter than someone I employ, and I thank the gods for her on a pretty regular basis.

Because I know not every babysitter is like her. There are saints. There are big sisters. And then there are the horror stories. Trying to scout out childcare for the kiddos? Here's a little taste of just who you're going to find out there!

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Don't worry, it's not all bad!

Which of these have you encountered?


Kinds of Babysitters


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1The Saint

You come home to an immaculate house, completed homework, and a gourmet meal in the oven. Your kids love her. You love her.

But she's kind of making you look bad ....


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2The Lolita

You trust your husband. You just don't trust her ... or what she might say about your husband.


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3The Manny

He's an anonomaly in the world of female sitters, but he's the bees knees, and you're keeping him around for as long as you can!


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4The Flake

When the flake shows up, they're great. It's getting the flake to your house that's the problem.

Maybe you'll get to have date night this week. Then again, maybe you'll spend two hours calling her (or his) cellphone and getting no answer.

Trust me, it's time to find a new sitter.

Image by Jeanne Sager


5The Big Sister

She's old enough to babysit but not so old that she doesn't remember what it was like to want to blow bubbles and roll in the grass. She invites your kid over for dinner and buys her little presents just because. They're two peas in a pod.

You're only worry is what is going to happen when she goes off to college.


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6The Blabbermouth

There are no secrets when the blabbermouth's in charge. Trying to keep the latest national tragedy from upsetting your kids? Ooops! Trying to surprise your kids with a new swingset? Cat's outta the bag.

You keep the blabbermouth because the kids have fun, but you're still looking for "the one."

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7The Party Girl

You come home to a wrecked house, and some strange guy sleeping on your couch. The party girl gets hired once ... and never again.

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