'Deployed' Military Dad's Appearance at Daughter's Gymnastics Meet Takes Everyone By Surprise (VIDEO)

military reunion

One of the hardest things for military parents to come to terms with is being far away from home and missing out on all of their kids' activities, school plays, and everything in between.

And that's why Major Jake Brittingham wanted to make his return from a five-month deployment to Africa extra special for his family and, in particular, for his 9-year-old daughter, Emma.

Unbeknownst to her -- or her mom -- Major Brittingham arranged to surprise Emma at her gymnastics competition with his homecoming. (Making it even sweeter, it was her very first one.) And little did he know that he'd literally be making her wishes come true by doing so.


Before she took the mat, the announcer asked Emma, "If you had one wish today, what would it be?" She replied, "That my dad could be here."

Watch the video clip below to see what happened next.


OMG. Did you lose it when she saw him and yelled, "Daddy?"

That totally broke me. I was so happy for the two of them I could hardly stand it.

And it must have been agonizing for him to have to hole up in that office at the gymnasium all day instead of rushing home to his family. Wasn't it cool how he was still texting and Skyping the girls as if he were still in Africa? That definitely helped throw them off course. And the fact that he didn't even spill the beans to his wife, Kelley (or at least that's how it sounded), is even more impressive. 

It must have made the moment even more special for her as a mom, and also as a wife. Any man who will go to such great lengths for his child's happiness is definitely one heck of a catch. Kelley must have been beaming with pride to know how much being an amazing dad means to her husband.

But can you believe now that he's finally home, they have to pack up and move to Germany in three weeks? (Never a dull moment, I guess.)

What did you find most moving about this reunion?


Image via AmericaVideoMontage/YouTube

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